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Installation of lightning protection, lightning collectors, lightning rods with ALTIUS company

Nowadays there are successfully used effective methods of protecting buildings from lightning strikes such as external and internal lighting protection system.

What is the external lightning protection?

External lighting protection systems are divided into two types: passive and active.

Lightning ProtectionInstallation of Lightning Protection
Any lighting protection system consists of three main components: lightning collectors, lightning and grounding (commonly used materials - galvanized, stainless steel and copper).

Passive lightning (or classic) is designed to protect against direct lightning strikes the building and the people in it are. Set of structural elements displayed in the picture.

Active lightning, as opposed to passive, active contains lightning head, through which the object forms a kind of protective dome, the range of which depends on the capacity of the head and the height of its installation. Such protection is more reliable, although much more expensive.

What is the internal lightning?

Basically of normative documents on lighting protection on the territory of Ukraine State Standard V.2.5-38: 2008 "Lightning protection arrangement of buildings and structures" (p.3) are the following definition:

p.3.5. Lightning electromagnetic pulse (EMIB) - electromagnetic effects of lightning current, accompanied as transient wave processes and effects radiating electromagnetic field;

p.3.6. Surge (IP) - transient wave process, provoked EMIB which is shown over and / or overcurrent in the leading parts.

Both of these effects are so-called secondary displays of lightning. Protection against lightning secondary displays and an internal lightning protection.

Many of us have known cases where during a storm with rosettes flying sparks fails appliances: televisions, refrigerators, computers and others.

Often it happens in suburban areas, where power transmission is carried out on overhead power lines. They, like large antenna, lightning electromagnetic pulses take (EMIB). Emerging resulting surge (IP) transferred to the final consumer of electricity, which leads to breakdowns home appliances.

Described above the lightning electromagnetic pulse impact and emerging as a result, IP supply chains are possible in cables, transmission lines in the media. Particularly susceptible to such phenomena modem equipment, telephony equipment (PBXs, switches). In industrial scale consequences of such actions result in a very tangible financial losses, which include updates (repair, replacement) of damaged equipment, stop production processes.

To protect against IP used protection devices from pulse over.

Application protection devices from pulse over helps preservation operated indoors equipment like surge, resulting from lightning strikes, and from the surge caused by other factors.

If you wondered about protecting the electrical grid and its premises - we are ready to contribute to solving these problems.

To judge the feasibility of a method of protection, should take into account many factors, the value of the protected object status and lightning areas, the technical characteristics of the internal equipment.

It all concludes that the issue entrusting comprehensive lightning protection professionals will increase your chances of finding optimal ways of its implementation.

Despite the simplicity of the question, it nonetheless contains many technical nuances that can only consider experienced professionals, designers.

The market offers a wide range of equipment for external and internal lightning protection system. Our experts will help you choose one that is necessary is your home, cottage, either residential or industrial facilities.

Partners who specialize in the supply and design of lightning protection systems can pick up professional equipment is your case, to calculate the optimal variant for you.

Specialists of ALTIUS company will help you make qualitative installation of lightning protection system as a whole or its individual elements.

Contact us on the selection and installation of lightning protection system can call: (044) 223-00-02 and (097) 223-00-02 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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