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The quality

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2 years guarantee

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Licenses and Permits

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Installation of ventilated facade systems

Suspended facade systems used in modern construction as in the construction of new premises and already exploited surface, the repair or reconstruction of buildings.

Repair of a ventilated facade 1B Hetman st.The scheme of ventilated facade systemsFacing layer, along with aesthetic and decorative function, performing and practical, protecting facade from weather and mechanical stress, pollution, temperature extremes.

Installation of front system effectively solves the problem of insulation, especially if the structure contains a layer of insulation.

The main advantages of ventilated facades include high speed of installation (compared with the device wet plaster facade), a selection of facing materials, and their high wear resistance.

The disadvantages, in our opinion, is only the high cost of most of the materials used. However, it is compensated by ease of use and the subsequent appearance of modernity.

The device of a ventilated facadeHow facing materials in a ventilated facade used:

Composite panels
is a "cake" of two aluminum sheets and polyethylene core between them. Thanks to a special protective coating based on PVDF panel appears protected from UV, moisture and other environmental influences that also allows you to keep the look of the panel for the long term (over 10 years). A wide range of colors and shades of composite panels allows implementing various design solutions.
Fiber cement slab
- building material consisting of cement, reinforcing fibers and mineral fillers. Characterized by strength and flexibility. Suitable for wall panels, partitions and cladding panels.
- rugged artificial finishing material derived by pressing under pressure followed by high-temperature heating a mixture of components (clay, kaolin, silica sand, wetlands, etc.).
(natural, artificial) - a natural stone for cladding the facade is environmentally friendly and durable material. Its unique natural texture, which undoubtedly will add uniqueness and individuality facade.

- panel that "overlap" superimposed on one another. Siding can be placed both vertically and horizontally. Installation is carried out on the prepared crate, giving the opportunity to insulate ventilated facade and provide clearance for removal of moisture. On the prepared surface installed starting and finishing strips. Special attention is given slope, inside and outside corners.

Siding is:

  • Wooden - is a "pioneer" among other types of siding that appeared later. Classified by type of processing of wood and the type of intersection finished product.
  • Molded Plywood made from wood fibers, pressed under high pressure and temperature, with the addition of special resin coated paint or varnish. Looks like a real tree. For exterior siding made from wood-polymer composites - a mixture of wood fibers and polypropylene. Almost does not absorb moisture and does not ignite lifetime - at least 15 years, while it does not need makeup, soak etc.
  • Vinyl - PVC (poliviniohlorid), since 80% PVC. Attracts customer’s low cost, choice of colors, simplicity and ease of care.
  • Metal - usually, a long life (with appropriate quality). Made of galvanized steel with polymer coating. It has a wide range of colors, easy to clean.
  • Cement made of cement and cellulose fibers. The main advantage of this material in its neuro flammability, which means you can use it on objects which fire services more demanding.

With extensive experience in installation works, we can responsibly assure customer quality and rapid execution of installation of almost any facade systems. Having called us, you can order costing carrying out installation works and materials used.

Call us (044) 223-00-02 and (097) 223-00-02, or write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and our specialists assemble new or repair existing ventilated facade.



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