Works of any complexity Altius company
more then 10 years of experience and more then 3000 projects completed in a timely manner

The quality

The quality

High quality, based on qualifications, diverse professional experience, a proven reliable suppliers.



Intelligence estimates the work. Spent on only the necessary time. We value your and our time.

2 years guarantee

2 years guarantee

We provide a warranty of 2 years. We are confident in the quality of our work and materials used.

Licenses and Permits

Licenses and Permits

We have a state license to conduct the offered rabit, rabit permits to carry high risk and demolition work. The employees of our company regularly pass training and briefings on profesinoyi security. Strict adherence to safety rules - our priority.

Non-cash / cash razrahunok

Non-cash / cash

Our organization is a VAT payer and cooperates with state, structures for commercial and private customers. Mutual carried out in any convenient to you.

Installation of internal engineering systems

A list of works carried out by us:

  • An installation of heating, water and sanitation and in private houses;
  • Heating engineering equipment equipping of commercial and industrial areas, residential;
  • repair and upgrade existing heating, water supply and sanitation
  • Installation of ventilation systems;
  • Installation of electric power and electrical equipment
  • Advice on the stage of selection of materials and the way to solve the problem.

Installation of water and wastewater systemsInstallation of autonomous heating
The reasons for the installation of new plumbing can be different.

Equipment wears out, breaks down, technologically obsolete. The development and application of new technologies in the field of Energy Efficiency makes think about the economic benefits of new installations of heat generating equipment (boilers). When properly selected equipment, good installation of heating system in the room, then you can significantly save on energy costs. That is especially true in light of the rise in natural gas, electricity.

Installation of heatingInstallation of water and wastewater systems
The ALTIUS company by the nature of main activity, keeps energy conservation attracted the close attention. Moreover, we can say that it is a comprehensive approach in this direction can bring significant positive effect. Heat insulation walls on the one hand, and the installation of modern economic heating - the other. If possible, carry out these measures, the customer, in fact, investing in present will save your "tomorrow".

Employees of ALTIUS company trained at seminars of leading European companies producing heating equipment. This allows you to keep abreast of technological innovations and apply the latest technological developments in their work. With this practical experience in the local market gives understanding of existing heating, sewage and others systems.

Installation of a warm floorInstallation of heating
This combination of real experience and knowledge of the advanced world developments makes it possible to offer customers optimum solutions to technical problems for each individual case.

The main advantages of cooperation with our company have many years of experience and high professional level of our staff (including specialized education, confirmed by certificates), which allows us to provide guarantees for the work performed by us.

Turn to us about the works of varying difficulty - from the installation of individual heating in an apartment or private home to the simple installation of plumbing. Prices for installation of equipment may vary depending on the specific installed or existing in the home, but generally quite moderate.

Our main strength can be considered highly qualified, experienced and integrated approach to the possibility of installation of engineering systems of water supply, heating, sanitation, ventilation, electrical grids.

Order services installation of internal engineering systems You can contact us by phone: (044) 223-00-02 and (097) 223-00-02 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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