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The quality

The quality

High quality, based on qualifications, diverse professional experience, a proven reliable suppliers.



Intelligence estimates the work. Spent on only the necessary time. We value your and our time.

2 years guarantee

2 years guarantee

We provide a warranty of 2 years. We are confident in the quality of our work and materials used.

Licenses and Permits

Licenses and Permits

We have a state license to conduct the offered rabit, rabit permits to carry high risk and demolition work. The employees of our company regularly pass training and briefings on profesinoyi security. Strict adherence to safety rules - our priority.

Non-cash / cash razrahunok

Non-cash / cash

Our organization is a VAT payer and cooperates with state, structures for commercial and private customers. Mutual carried out in any convenient to you.

Heat insulation, insulation of buildings and apartments

Heat insulation of buildings in Obolonskaya Quay

That is why we talk about price and technical side of things, the practical ways out of the situation.

We distinguish in it two aspects: the actual heating and reducing heat loss. The main heat loss occurring through exterior walls and windows (about 40%). Wall insulation, we significantly reduce the rate of heat loss.

HOW is it done?

Insulation walls are internal and external.

Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, internal insulation cheaper (in the sense of not having to go to the front and, accordingly, pay for it).

Heat insulation and decorative facade of apartment 1b Heroes of Stalingrad

But there are some significant "minuses":

  • first - damage existing internal repair (which, in principle, not a problem if the room building or repairing) ;
  • second - lost the internal area ;
  • three (most importantly) - a "dew point": no matter how you heating the wall inside, but it still freezes in sub-zero temperatures; as a result, at the junction between the wall and the insulating layer falls condensation inside and arrested moisture contributes to mold, fungus, and so on problems.

Pic. 1

External insulation of walls, respectively, more expensive services through the use of industrial climbers.

But completely eliminates the problem of "dew point", placing it on the surface. The wall under a layer of insulation and does not freeze. Dew Point, while on the surface is ventilated and condensation is not formed. This is a key point.


Drawing insulating layer on the wall just decide hydro and noise insulation. In the heat layer works like a thermos, without giving room to overheat.


Technological map

The base material used for external wall insulation - a foam or mineral wool. Price consists of payment for work and materials.

In carrying out insulation, work on facades, balconies, apartment buildings the following operations:

  • Installation / removal of cable systems
  • Priming surfaces
  • Installation of insulation panels glue
  • Mechanical fixing insulation plugs
  • Reinforcement (glue, net)
  • Primer
  • Painting


Set of work at warming cottages, houses (private detached) includes:

  • Installation / dismantling scaffolding, scaffolding
  • priming surfaces
  • Installation of insulation panels glue
  • Mechanical fixing insulation plugs
  • Reinforcement (glue, net)
  • Application of roughcast
  • Painting

Heat insulation of private house



Depending on the material selected as a heater which system is used (Ceresit, Baumit, Siltek, Caparol), which is amount tide, difficulty of work and that the total amount of the price per 1 m2 can significantly vary.

ALTIUS company successfully uses modern technology in insulation of houses, flats, balconies, buildings, occupying a leading position in Kiev on facades.

We recommend ordering external insulation of premises, both in Kyiv and the regions, the companies you trust.

Ordering services of facades of buildings in the little-known, unlicensed companies, runs the risk of poor-quality customer service. Unfortunately, often there is a failure of technology. This is because some unscrupulous executors - "ephemeral" in the pursuit of orders, offering customer undercharge, quickly perform work without worrying about no money, nor the reputation.

Heat insulation of apartments 103 av. Victory

 Safer order services in proven companies operating in the market for a long time, worked well, can give a guarantee on the work performed, have the necessary licenses and permits.

We hope that this section was helpful to you in understanding issues preservation heat your room.

It remains to choose a contractor.

If you need to do work or to consult with the insulation buildings, homes, apartments, please contact us: (044) 223-00-02 and (097) 223-00-02 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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