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The quality

The quality

High quality, based on qualifications, diverse professional experience, a proven reliable suppliers.



Intelligence estimates the work. Spent on only the necessary time. We value your and our time.

2 years guarantee

2 years guarantee

We provide a warranty of 2 years. We are confident in the quality of our work and materials used.

Licenses and Permits

Licenses and Permits

We have a state license to conduct the offered rabit, rabit permits to carry high risk and demolition work. The employees of our company regularly pass training and briefings on profesinoyi security. Strict adherence to safety rules - our priority.

Non-cash / cash razrahunok

Non-cash / cash

Our organization is a VAT payer and cooperates with state, structures for commercial and private customers. Mutual carried out in any convenient to you.

Repair, painting, hydrophobicity, finishing and facing facade works

Repairing the facade 2.18 Volodymyrs'ka st, KievRepairing the facade 20 Prorizna st, Kiev
If you want to prevent premature major overhaul of the facade and the related with it material costs, you need to contact specialists in height facade work.

Proposed by us facade repairs or house painting, conducted in various ways: through the tour, scaffolding, cribs, as well as by the method of industrial mountaineering.

Repairing the facade 45 Volodymyrs'ka st, KievRepairing of the facade 5 Pushkinskaya st, Kiev
Facade repairs include the following steps:

  • Examination and diagnostics of bearing and protecting structures;
  • Cleaning and washing of facades from pollution;
  • Installation of the facade;
  • Restoration of stucco decoration;
  • Installation of facade systems,
  • Plastering work;
  • Interpanel sealing joints;
  • Waterproofing facade;
  • Painting the facade;
  • Installation of gutters, window sills, ventilation ducts, cornices, parapets and hardware;
  • Facing facade.

Repairing the facade 48 Volodymyrs'ka st, KievRepairing of the facade 40 Pushkinskaya, Kiev
Through the use of new technologies and materials, repair leading to improving the appearance of buildings with greater efficiency. Modern building market offers a wealth of material for the facade, which have different properties and wide color range. In choosing the material it is important to understand that quality repair facade needs to know its personality, age and so on. In the selection of materials for repair, it is better to use the advice of professionals which help you to choose exactly what you need specifically for this facade, taking into account all factors.

High-altitude installation, repair facades, using high quality materials from leading manufacturers helps to give the desired appearance of the building and ensures the long periods of maintenance-free operation.

Repairing the facade 32 B. Khmelnitsky st, KyivOur company provides high-rise construction work of any difficulty in cleaning, repairing, and reconstruction of facades. With us you will receive:

- Professionalism;

- High quality work;

- The efficiency of the order;

- Using proven high quality materials.

The experience gained by us over the years, helping to pick up the best practices and ways to resolve any construction problems, identify real deadlines, and, not least, provide customer quality assurance of their fulfillment. We are interested in work done by us will serve you as possible.



Repairing the facade 4 Yaroslav Val, KyivRepairing the facade 6 Yaroslav Val, KyivRepairing the facade 14a Yaroslav Val, Kyiv
Call us at (044) 223-00-02 and (097) 223-00-02 or write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and our experts qualitatively and in time will perform restoration work any level of complexity.



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